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  • Mission

    We would like to help you explore a new way of spending your free time, in order to better understand yourself and your surroundings.Taking into account today's busy world and the everyday situations that distance us from the meaning of life , we decided to give you a new area of interest.

    Our main goal is to awaken in everyone the interest in their inner self, because overcoming every difficulty in your life gets you closer to knowing your own strength and also helps you understand how your connected to those who surround you. thus, each person can recognize the its own importance in connection to him/herself and his/her environment.

    We can carry out this activity together, in a completely safe and fun way, while still having full control over everything that happens around us. We are not trying to define your road or tell you how to do things, we only provide the environment and the bridges to help you cross the path along which you can discover and measure yourself in relation to yourself and the rest of your team.