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  • Activities

    - adventure park - finishing the adventure courses: time trial and/or solving mysteries and deciphering puzzles
    - treasure hunt - is a captivating game that takes place in nature. The participants run through a course, during which they have to solve various puzzles, they get to meet fairytale characters, who give them tips for finding the treasure
     This activity combines a variety of games to play(in order to obtain tips, players have to overcome a set of challenges). The average game time is 2 hours.
    - orientation - athletic activity, during which maps and a compass are used to make a timed run through the forest, using nature to direct the participants along the trail. It develops the players' orientation skills. Participants may also use bycicles.
    - bycicle rental - cycle touring in areas marked on the map, or utilisation of bikes in other activities, such as smaller bike orienteering competitions
    - various games - Turning Logs, Lava River, Ballon, Remote Control (shephers and sheep), The Circle, Crossing, The Key, Map, Cross Country Skiing, Tug of War
    - rafting - Do you like adventure and water? Would you like a bit of fun and adrenaline? Bring your friends and/or family and come boating with us. In addition, you can admire delightful views as the landscape of Cheile Lãpusului closely accompanies you throughout your adventure.
     You can chose one of two routes, one shorter with a length of 12 kilometers, and one longer, spanning 25 kilometers. Before departure we provide the equipment and training necessary for your safety.
     The optimum periods for the practice of this sport are in the late spring and the beginning of summer, or right after periods of rain throughout the summerm, as it may result in higher water levels and higher enjoyment.